v. & n.
—v. (past and past part. laid)
1 tr. place on a surface, esp. horizontally or in the proper or specified place.
2 tr. put or bring into a certain or the required position or state (laid his hand on her arm; lay a carpet).
3 intr. dial. or erron. lie.
This use, incorrect in standard English, is probably partly encouraged by confusion with lay as the past of lie, as in the dog lay on the floor which is correct; the dog is laying on the floor is not correct.
4 tr. make by laying (lay the foundations).
5 tr. (often absol.) (of a hen bird) produce (an egg).
6 tr. a cause to subside or lie flat. b deal with to remove (a ghost, fear, etc.).
7 tr. place or present for consideration (a case, proposal, etc.).
8 tr. set down as a basis or starting-point.
9 tr. (usu. foll. by on) attribute or impute (blame etc.).
10 tr. locate (a scene etc.) in a certain place.
11 tr. prepare or make ready (a plan or a trap).
12 tr. prepare (a table) for a meal.
13 tr. place or arrange the material for (a fire).
14 tr. put down as a wager; stake.
15 tr. (foll. by with) coat or strew (a surface).
16 tr. sl. offens. have sexual intercourse with (esp. a woman).
1 the way, position, or direction in which something lies.
2 sl. offens. a partner (esp. female) in sexual intercourse.
3 the direction or amount of twist in rope-strands.
Phrases and idioms:
in lay (of a hen) laying eggs regularly. laid-back colloq. relaxed, unbothered, easygoing. laid paper paper with the surface marked in fine ribs. laid up confined to bed or the house. lay about one
1 hit out on all sides.
2 criticize indiscriminately.
lay aside
1 put to one side.
2 cease to practise or consider.
3 save (money etc.) for future needs. lay at the door of see DOOR. lay back cause to slope back from the vertical. lay bare expose, reveal. lay a charge make an accusation. lay claim to claim as one's own.
lay down
1 put on the ground.
2 relinquish; give up (an office).
3 formulate (a rule or principle).
4 pay or wager (money).
5 begin to construct (a ship or railway).
6 store (wine) in a cellar.
7 set down on paper.
8 sacrifice (one's life).
9 convert (land) into pasture.
10 record (esp. popular music). lay down the law see LAW. lay one's hands on obtain, acquire, locate.
lay hands on
1 seize or attack.
2 place one's hands on or over, esp. in confirmation, ordination, or spiritual healing. lay hold of seize or grasp. lay in provide oneself with a stock of. lay into colloq. punish or scold heavily. lay it on thick (or with a trowel) colloq. flatter or exaggerate grossly. lay low overthrow, kill, or humble.
lay off
1 discharge (workers) temporarily because of a shortage of work.
2 colloq. desist.
lay-off n.
1 a temporary discharge of workers.
2 a period when this is in force.
lay on
1 provide (a facility, amenity, etc.).
2 impose (a penalty, obligation, etc.).
3 inflict (blows).
4 spread on (paint etc.). lay on the table see TABLE. lay open 1 break the skin of.
2 (foll. by to) expose (to criticism etc.).
lay out
1 spread out.
2 expose to view.
3 prepare (a corpse) for burial.
4 colloq. knock unconscious.
5 dispose (grounds etc.) according to a plan.
6 expend (money).
7 refl. (foll. by to + infin.) take pains (to do something) (laid themselves out to help). lay store by see STORE. lay to rest bury in a grave.
lay up
1 store, save.
2 put (a ship etc.) out of service. lay waste see WASTE.
Etymology: OE lecgan f. Gmc
1 a non-clerical. b not ordained into the clergy.
2 a not professionally qualified, esp. in law or medicine. b of or done by such persons.
Phrases and idioms:
lay brother (or sister) a person who has taken the vows of a religious order but is not ordained and is employed in ancillary or manual work. lay reader a lay person licensed to conduct some religious services.
Etymology: ME f. OF lai f. eccl.L laicus f. Gk laiumlkos LAIC
1 a short lyric or narrative poem meant to be sung.
2 a song.
Etymology: ME f. OF lai, Prov. lais, of unkn. orig.
past of LIE.

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